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Heart Health: Know your A-B-Cs!

  Being heart smart is as simple as remembering the alphabet.

Follow these A-B-Cs of heart health and be on your way to a stronger, healthier you.

    A) Activity – You can help your heart by staying physically active, either through exercise programs or just everyday activities, like household chores or playing with your children.

    B) Beat the blues – Keep your stress low and your mood high. If you’re feeling sad, tense, or upset, talk to someone you love, or ask your doctor about how to get in touch with a mental health expert.

    C) Cut it out – If you smoke or use tobacco, your doctor can give you information about how to successfully drop the habit!

    D) Delicious dieting – Vegetables, fruits, and foods high in whole grains and fiber are not only good diet choices, they taste great too.

    E) Expert advice – Think you might need more heart help? Talk to your doctor to see if other choices, such as medications, are right for you.

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