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Weight Control: Do we even know what a portion is anymore?

  Overeating is almost required these days

Twenty years ago, if you bought a burger and a soda, you got one bun, one patty, some veggies and mustard and ketchup. It was 330 calories. The soda was 8-12 ounces, enough for some sips while eating.

Now you need to bring someone along to carry the food, while you carry the drinks. A soda these days is a vat of soda—64 ounces equals eight sodas! That burger has doubled in calories—or more. Some fast food offerings soar over 1,200 calories.

Yet, our stomachs are no bigger than 20 years ago. And our chances to work it off are far smaller.

The problem with too-large meals doesn’t end there, though. To compensate for the amounts of food served, people pig out and then skip the next meal. Or skip the all important metabolism-starter, breakfast, and then start grazing around 10:30 am.

Or maybe you restrict a food group, say carbs. You still may eat more bacon and sausage than you need to feel full and that carb craving will start to tickle at you.

Our eating is out of whack. Is it too late to return to the world of common sense? Of course not.

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What’s in a portion (less and more than you think)

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