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Weight Control: Ways to retrain your stomach to appreciate what it gets

  Do you ever feel like you and your appetite need to shake hands?

You can keep hunger at bay and have the energy you need for your long, busy day by remembering to eat three meals (some even say six, though small ones in that case). Foods containing protein and fat digest slower and keep you from feeling hungry longer.

“Fluff” stuff full of sugar zips off the tongue, raises blood sugar, then drops it into the basement—ooo, feeling tired.

You can also control portions, say some nutritionists, by faking out the eye—use a smaller plate. Everything looks like a bigger amount. The rule of thumb is to make the plate two-thirds veggies, one-third protein such as meat or fish. You can even buy divided plates for this—like toddlers use.

Don’t be afraid to cook. Studies show that people who cook their own meals, usually do not overeat and in fact, savor and appreciate food more.

Some other ideas:

  • Never eat seconds. This is the easiest way to cut portions.
  • If you are in a restaurant, have the wait staff wrap at least half your meal before you dig in, not after you eat.
  • Eat high-volume, low-cal foods, like salads.
  • Soup before a meal also fills you up.
  • Avoid your trigger foods, as some experts call them. If eating makes you hungry, see if this is only when certain foods are involved.

So—when you sit down to your next meal, will your plate look any different?


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